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    by neelaearth

    Health Tourism :
    The Ayurvedic rejuvenation holidays of Kerala have become a rage with travel world. Based on the ancient natural regimens of India, these rejuvenation therapies help tourists overcome the stress of modern day living.
    Centuries of practise and research have perfected the Ayurvedic regimens which use only natural products like herbs, herbal extracts and oils, minerals and animal products like milk and ghee.
    These therapies not only cure ailments but strengthen the immune system to ensure good health and longevity. Packages are designed after a study of the individual's health history.
    Ayurveda means 'the knowledge of life' - Ayur (life), veda (knowledge). And this system of health is based on the harmonic balance between the body, mind and soul. Rejuvenation therapies are therefore, supplemented with herbal diets, meditation and Yoga.
    Ayurvedic health resorts, hotels and Ayurvedic centres across Kerala offer rejuvenation holidays. Monsoon is traditionally (June/November) considered the ideal time, when therapies are particularly effective.
    For detailed information on Kerala Tourism accredited Ayurvedic centres see the Newsletter section of Previous issues dated April 08, 1999 to July 01, 1999.
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