Le Labyrinthe de l'harmonie en Ré Majeur. LOCATELLI .

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Voici le 23ème caprice de Pietro LOCATELLI en Ré Majeur joué par Christophe BOULIER (le labyrinthe de l'harmonie .

Il joue un Joseph HELL de 1885 sur un model de Guarnerius .

1 commentaire

I would make this compulsory listening and viewing for every violin student no matter what level. When you can play like this outstanding violinist you will know you have arrived. What a wonderful violinist and what an awe-inspiring sound despite the technicalities of the music. A truly magnificent performance. There must be many who would like to know who made this particular violin and even more who would like to own it.
Cheniston K Roland
Violin Historian and Musicologist
Par violinland il y a 6 ans