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    Michael Treadway

    by Michael Treadway

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    I bookmarked this video for future reference! ..i feel lonely though.. ...
    By indiangirl4u5 years ago
    There ARE multiple arc strikes! Unless ur blind u can't miss them. As a CWI i'd throw this out and point u to the nearsest COmmCOLL for retraining. I also love the excuses! If this is all the better u can do in a comfy lil weld booth, don't post videos! All it does is mis inform potential welders thinking this is acceptable work.
    By weldhawk716 years ago
    Ok guys, here's a question. Stainless 4 in pipe,316 wire with an a 1973 lincoln sa 200. What should the heat be set at to tig weld the root in this pipe. The same question for carbon pipe and 309 wire. I also need to know what you guys set the gas at. This crap is driving me crazy trying to teach myself how to tig weld pipe. I got close but just cant seem to get it right everytime I run a peice of pipe. And one more question. Does anyone live close to Detroit, Mi that I could meet up with to show what I'm doing wrong. Thanks in advance for any help
    By mcgyver216 years ago
    Michael Treadway
    Hello Jackhama,
    You don't have a clue friend. I have taken tests that require 4 tacks on a fit up. This is schedule 80 wall pipe. The root looked great on this and I show it in another part of this video series that isn't posted. There are not arc mark all over. I have taken many tests friend and not one time did the inspector tell me how to size my gap because they want you to show them you know how to do it. I looked at 4:45 and all that happened is I had to reposition my wire. I tell you what you need to do. Set up your own lab and get as close up as I am and we will see how your welds look while you are fighting the camera, the lighting, the lens on the camera and multiple other obstacles. Then lets talk again. Thanks for sharing.
    By Michael Treadway7 years ago
    stray arcs.....everywere!, your laying your torch down so its not square to the centre of the pipe, rough profile of the root run, at 4:45 i garentee you will have irregular root penatration,

    im sorry for bagging you out but it annoys me that people are watching this horrible example of a 1796 2g tig weld without realising its shocking!, ..

    "mcgyver21" you should have the weld almost filled with 2 runs. the 3rd run, the cap should be done nice and slow with the filler wire staying at the top of the weld at all times, weave up and down with very little pause at the bottom, (the molten metal goes were the heat is, more heat (pause) at the top means it is less likely to sag to the bottom) .

    all tig pipe test's will require
    a root gap of 3.2mm (1/8) , with 3 tacks equaly spaced apart, each to be no more than 12mm (1/2) long,
    By jakhama_2_mcmetz7 years ago
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