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    Marco Polo - Episode 1.3


    by R_M

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    The final part of 2234dw's reconstruction of the first episode of this missing Who serial, made using telesnaps, publicity stills, video clips and the existing soundtrack (without narration). 2234dw has graciously allowed me to present it here.

    I have amended this video to repair a damaged section. I achieved this by replacing the soundtrack, cutting out the pixellated frames and replacing them with copies of undamaged frames.

    I have not attempted to remake the entire end credits (though I will do on future reconstructions). Instead, a truncated version of the end title music is presented here, accompanied by rolling credits for the regular cast (lifted from the episode The Brink of Disaster) and telesnaps of credits for the producer and director.

    The rest of the credits are:
    Marco Polo - Mark Eden
    Tegana - Derren Nesbitt
    Ping-Cho - Zienia Merton
    Man at Lop - Leslie Bates
    Written by John Lucarotti
    Incidental music by Tristram Cary
    Digitally remastered by Mark Ayres
    Story Editor - David Whitaker
    Designer - Barry Newbery
    Associate Producer - Mervyn Pinfield

    The original can be found on YouTube as "Marco Polo /Ep. 1 The Roof of the World/ Part 3".

    The complete soundtrack of this serial is available on CD from BBC Audiobooks.