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    Parichamuttukali -


    by neelaearth

    Parichamuttukali :
    Parichamuttukali is a martial art form performed by the Christians of northern and central Kerala. The origin of the art can be traced back to ancient days when Kalarippayattu, the martial art of Kerala, was in vogue.
    Parichamuttukali is a group dance performed by men bearing swords and shields and follows the movements and steps of Kalarippayattu.
    The Asan (leader of the group) sing songs to the chimes of a bell. Musical accompaniment is restricted to elathalam (small cymbals) and the din made by the rhythmic clapping of swords and shields. As the pace of the dance gradually heightens, the music also reaches a crescendo.
    The dancers are usually dressed in a white loin cloth with red wrist-bands and sing in chorus as they dance. The dance used to be performed as a religious offering is now a days gaining popularity as a Christian entertainment art.
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