Preparing for the Singularity with Terence McKenna


by amac_09

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Preparing for the Singularity (a scene from TechnoCalyps featuring Terence McKenna)


To say that Terence said that we would be uploaded into machines is RIDICULOUS! He never said that. He said that there is a singularity we are approaching and will reach in 2012. He said that technology would evolve into nanotechnology and disappear from the planet all together. He said the DMT experience is like jeweled machine elfs... Squish it all together and get... we are going to be uploaded into machines... who made this crap?
By Denise Houk 2 years ago
Why would anyone want to up load themselves onto a man made matrix?
By getchayayasout 5 years ago

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Preparing for the Singularity with Terence McKenna