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    Ghost story


    by kitten320


    Ok,this clip is made like story although without subs =) I don't know when exactly it happens,but main idea is this...
    Clip starts with sad Shizuru because Natsuki didn't come as promised,later she receives a call where he finds out that Natsuki has died.She is really sad and depressed,but then she see Natsuki who later dissapears.Now she keeps seeing Natsuki's ghost and doesn't know what to do,so then she decides to take revenge and kills Nao.
    After that she still sees Natsuki,but feels much better.One day she was talking to her and than Tate came in to see that Shizuru was alone there who only smiled in reply.After that she understands that she can't without Natsuki and gets depressed once more. That is time when Nagi comes and tells her that if she kills all HiME,Natsuki can be returned.
    So Shizuru goes psycho and starts to kill HiMEs.
    Will she be stopped?Or will she destroy everybody and return Natsuki? Or maybe there is another way to return her and be together again?
    If you have questions,ask^^

    What else...well this idea didn't leave my mind for long time so I just had to do it and I'm really proud of this work^^ Hope you will enjoy it too ;)

    By the way I don't have net at the moment so won't be able to answer on your comments for some time...
    Anyway enjoy,rate,fave and comment^^

    Artist: Barlowhirl
    Song:Never alone