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    Fade Into You (MAZZY STAR COVER) by Catman Cohen

    Catman Cohen

    by Catman Cohen

    It's been more than four years since mysterious Catman Cohen released a CD....and despite internet rumors of suicide, the controversial outspoken, and strange shadow musician is still very much alive and has returned to unveil the final Chronicle of the Catman trilogy he created as a musical vehicle for social change.

    In his passionate cover version of Mazzy Star's dreamy hit song, FADE INTO YOU, Cohen sings his raw bullfrog confession of unrequited love to that special woman who drove him into obsession, obscurity, and ultimately....into the shadows.

    HOW I WANT TO DREAM: the Catman Chronicles 3 is set for an early March release. Described by its Grammy Award winning producer/arranger, James Lum as being "a musical quest for truth in a world of broken dreams," one industry insider already declared the CD to be "so stunning in its emotional power that it even made a cold heartless bastard like me cry."

    Music Video was created by award winning editor, Michael Canyon Drebert (Milenia Studios).