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    Last Woman On Earth

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    Newly-weds Ev and Harold are on honeymoon in Puerto Rico. Harold's lawyer, Martin is also there on business.

    One day they go diving and after a small accident with a speargun, they all come back up to the surface. When they remove their air apparatus, they find they can't breath. Keeping their air supply, they go back to shore to find help. As they cross the jungle to get to town quicker, they run out of air, but realise they are able to breath once again. They discover that everyone is dead and only the three of them remain.

    As time moves on, tension and the need for a woman begins to affect the two men and eventually they get into a fight. Martin is killed, and Harold and Eve are the only people left in the world.

    Director: Roger Corman
    Country: UK (1960)
    Language: English
    Runtime: 71 mins