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    Backside 540 - Transworld Snowboarding

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    TransWorld’s newest video 20 Tricks will teach you everything from ollies to backside 900’s. There’s something for all abilities and learning styles; see the trick go down and hear the pros explain the moves step by step including their secrets, tips, and insider advice.
    Jeremy Jones teaches the fundamental ollie, while X Games gold medalist Steve Fisher runs through a backside 540 in the pipe, and fellow gold medalist Jamie Anderson breezes through tailslide 270s out on the rails. JP Walker’s on handplants, Leanne Pelosi boardslides, Darrell Mathes tailpresses, Aaron Biittner frontside 360 nosebonks, and it goes on and on up to backside 900’s with Chas Guldemond. Own the video and take your riding to the next level.