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Hestia is in Greek mythology the goddess of domesticity who received the first offering at every sacrifice in the household. Short film part of " Film Songs" filmed by Syni Pappa.
From the film album "Experiments In Minor Means & Matters".

4 σχόλια

Gotcha Syni!
Από Ferran Brooks 6 χρονια πριν
δεν αξιζει..μονο σκοταδι βλεπεις..κριμα
Από mary9 6 χρονια πριν
polly kala hestiasmeni.. douleia!!!!
filmikoi xeretismoi!
Από tony danis 6 χρονια πριν
You too, Syni, you have the sacred fire.
Από Arty Jr 6 χρονια πριν