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    phatLiterature: 2002 || EP. NO. 3: Poet-to-Poet

    Gabrielle David

    by Gabrielle David

    phatLiterature, A Literary TV Program, features poets, writers and scholars who discuss the writing process and how that process reveals and defines their lives. It also provides insight into the historical, social, cultural and political connections that appear in their works, and enliven the exploration of literature and literary analysis with dramatizations and readings. phatLiterature also features a Q&A segment and showcases visual artists by integrating their works as part of the set design, including a 60- second segment, VISUAL SIGNATURES, which appears in each episode.

    This episode features José Angel Figueroa, Louis Reyes Rivera, Stephanie Agosto, Pedro Pietri; with visual artist Jorge Ambrosoni
    Co-produced by José Angel Figueroa, this episode discusses Puerto Rican literature and the pros and cons of performance poetry with historian and literary expert Louis Reyes Rivera. The episode concludes with performance/readings by poet-activists Stephanie Agosto and Pedro Pietri. Students from Boricua College, Manhattan Campus, attend for class credit. This clip features José Angel Figueroa, Louis Reyes Rivera, Stephanie Agosto and Pedro Pietri.

    phatLiterature is produced by Intercultural Alliance of Artists & Scholars, Inc., a NY-based nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that promotes multicultural literature and literacy.