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    Ugg Cardy Boots How to tell if Ugg Australia boots are genui


    by uggcardyboobgn

    The big question we all ask when we are looking to buy genuine Ugg australia's, but also try and save a bit of money.

    We usually turn to ebay, but most of the Ugg's for sale on ebay are fake. So how do we tell the difference between the real ones and fake ones?

    The most obvious is the price, if you think its to cheap, or too good to be true, its probably fake.

    But here are the things to look out for to help you decide if fake or real.

    The Sole
    1) The bottom of the Ugg's are recessed with the UGG logo in a Classic tall or Classic short Authentic Ugg. A fake is flat.

    2) The sole in a real ugg is flexible. The fakes are more rigid and stiff.


    The outside UGG labels are subtly different. Note how 'australia' is in a bolder font on the fake. On the real UGG, the ®, is right in the middle of the open jaws of the 'G', in many of the fakes the ® it is right at the top of the jaw.