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    David Wolfe On Calcium, Magnesium and Minerals Part 5


    by SuperFoodLiving

    Raw Organic Blue Green Algae

    Running into your first girlfriend 10 years later, and then planning a date, it's probably not the best idea to eat a fistful of chopped garlic. Especially if you're planning on getting romantic. David continues the story of his smell-infested date, with it ending on an unsurprising goodbye note. The audience is tickled, more than likely recalling their own mishaps with garlic. He's merely bringing up the topic of natural supplements you can add to your diet to boost your immune system.

    Obviously, uncooked garlic is one of the most potent supplements, but there's also cloves, wormwood, black walnut and medicinal mushrooms. The Asian mushrooms, not store-bought mushrooms like Portebellos. They bolster your immune system and help keep it stable. He brings us back to the two tiers he's gone over in the seminar so far: step one, the snail shell and step two the slug. The third tier involves cleaning out the residue of the calcification.

    Enzymes, or Beauty Enzymes, which are 100% organic, help the body with digestion and taking in nutrients. They also help give a healthy glow and overall energy. Supplements like Maltodextrin are usually genetically modified, which are criticized for being much worse than organic supplements. He suggests Ginseng or nettles, fresh, which manage a 10-15% internal clean-up of residues- quite a high rate, and of course, the old and trusty standby: Green Teas.

    Raw Organic Blue Green Algae