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    Nickelus F - The Beast


    by str8hiphop

    Virigina Rapper Makes Music VIdeo Addressing Brutality & Murder By Police

    In the wake of the recent murder of 22-year old Oscar Grant by an Oakland police officer on New Year’s Day, which was captured on video by various people who witnessed it, up and coming Hip Hop artist Nickelus F has made a music video for a song addressing the issue of police brutality called “The Beast.”

    It’s a well known fact that most cases of police brutality are never reported or swept under the rug by the police themselves or the courts.

    Given the turbulent times and various dangers on the streets today, it’s becoming harder for police to make clear judgment calls when it comes to tactics they use in restraining a perpetrator. But with this most recent case in Oakland it’s very clear that an officer has crossed the line again and something needs to be done.

    In this age of video phones and YouTube, it has become almost common place for people who witness these things to document them on video. We urge everyone out there who witnesses events such police brutality to make it be known that police are not above the law and should conduct themselves with the notion of “protecting and serving the people.”

    The question of what can be done is on “us” the people… Musicians can articulate a point while entertaining, but how we carry on that message as a people is what will bring about change.

    Nickelus F’s song “The Beast” is a descriptive work that plays on the notion that police carry themselves above the law and the various clips of brutality and murder by police in the video help clearly state his points.

    Please feel free to watch and take a listen to what Nickelus F is saying