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    VIENNA Forest

    Hristos Mistiliadis

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    Vienna Forest in Middletown, Ohio offers a variety of floor plans and amenities that meet a wide range of tastes and needs. In the north (Flysch Wienerwald) the Viennese forest exhibits % hardwood forest existence (above all beech, oak and Hainbuche) to 77, in the southeast (lime Viennese forest) to approximately 46 % coniferous forest existence spruce, Schwarzkiefer, fir and larch); at the east slopes of the Viennese forest wine grows. In the Viennese forest among other things the protected areas Lainzer zoo, savings brook, Eichenhain and Purkersdorf.Lange time lie were the Viennese forest spell forest and hunting ground; in the years 1870-72 Josef saved the Viennese forest from clearing. Today the Viennese forest is protected by the laws mentioned above.