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    Tipsy.cococobana 195 Tipsy and Club Awana pics part2. San Di

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    Tipsy and Club Awana pics part2. San Diego latino party Scene 2009 props to latino party crews and fools doing it major for San Diego streets.. we do it for the streets od 619 858 and 760 and latino fools that wanna party and girls who wanna kick it and get faded cuz we got the spots crackin every week. ask around.El Cajon Blvd and 75th.

    Freddy Gee . "We BANGIN" San Diego Latino Party Scene Rap / 2009 .. BBH CREW Props to the BBH crew and LTK and RKQ for the Pics and BabyBoyslick and Cangri and JImrock for the Pictures in the video .. Props to . San DIego BBH crew Party * the 2009 BBH empire.. over 300 Members now. TO deep... lemon grove, spring valley, sydro, chula vista, sunbow,otay ranch, national city, shell towm,San Diego BBH PARTYLAND empire - Thank you to dripnwet aka drip-n-wet and J.e. Sincere and Shystii Boyz..and to Young Sicc and Proof of life radio w/ riccashay. Jesus Malverde & the Tijuana Drug cartels for the Great Tunnels they have, Miller beers, with hilltop high legends and props to sorrento valley and Santa Ana Cres.the Bros b4 Hoes CREW IN DAYGO 619- Props and Much Love to DIDO Brown,Z90 @ Coko Bongo, Halloween, Afterparty w/ Philly Phil... ,Z90 @ ,Coko Bongo Halloween Afterparty w/ Philly PhilPhelly PHEL, Young Sicc, Lil AL, Mitchy Slick, YOUNG Cs, and Fam Bam and Bloods and Crip Gangs everywhere. Props to Smoke shows and Gangsters. Sycuan, viejas,magic 92.5 .com javier the x men, man, Daygo, Diego, Sd, 619,760,714,619,760, Hoes, ass and Homies down with LA CLICKA,SLANGING dope or ROLLIN SICK,Eastlake , Otay ranch Pauma and pala Natives on the rez. To z90 and 98.9 and CHingo Bling Doing It major for Surenos and latino Clicks in Daygo. To the Party Crews ,of Daygo aka ,619 and ,