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    Me and Bobby McGee ~ Allison Crowe live

    Allison Crowe

    by Allison Crowe

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    Canadian musician Allison Crowe performs live in concert "Me and Bobby McGee", the Fred Foster, Kris Kristofferson song recorded famously by Janis Joplin.

    Images are from Billie Woods, ( ), the terrifically talented photographer who regularly tours Europe with Crowe. These pics are from such locations as Frankfurt and Siegen, Germany and Durness, Scotland where Allison Crowe headlined the 'Northern Lights Festival', a benefit for the John Lennon Memorial Garden.

    As with her other interpretations, Allison Crowe doesn't mimic the sound or style of another artist. Instead, she covers songs in her own voice.

    "Allison Crowe is the best thing to happen to 'Me And Bobby McGee' since Janis Joplin changed Kristoffersons lyrics" says Allan Showalter in the entertainingly erudite "pastiche of a blog" ( ) 1 Heck of a Guy.