Silent Hill Particle Man


by Leggy

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A small music video starring some of our favorite SH bad boys. It's a celebration, bitches!

Song: Particle Man by They Might be Giants


whoever came up with person man? (konami)

By MightyCowHero 5 years ago
Good thing daily motion isn't pulling your stuff down!
By STARSMember930 5 years ago
hahaha, this song is NAWAK ! I didn't know you mad an account on dailymotion too, hi from a biohazard fan. ;)
By HeadMinerve 5 years ago
Or maybe not, Youtube might crash someday.
By BlueAtillaLonny 5 years ago
Im so glad that I could see the video again, It's really great, Love it! I watch it almost everyday. Youtube might go down if they keep ruining the video's on youtube, I do think im the only one though.
By BlueAtillaLonny 5 years ago
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