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    Motorhead Capricorn et Shine


    par Zopyrion

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    Motorhead : " Agèna tôn hippêon "
    (Cavaliers de la garde royale)

    2 titres de Motorhead (vidéos et photos)à la suite , car enchainé par mes petites mains

    Capricorn :

    - A thousand nights, I've spent alone,
    Solitaire, to the bone,
    But I don't mind, I'm my own best friend,
    From the beginning, to the end,
    My life, my heart, black night, my star,
    December's child, the only one,
    What I do, is what I've done,
    I realize, I get so cold,
    When I was young I was already old,
    My life, my heart, black night, my star,
    I always knew, the only way,
    Is never live, beyond today,
    They proved me right, they proved me wrong,
    But they can never last this long,
    My life, my heart, black night, dark star
    Capricorn ....


    Shine :

    Hard time getting to ya babe,
    Double take, figure real rough trade,
    But you know I'm a real good lover,
    Can't judge a book by its cover,
    I know and you know I know,
    Can't trust your intuition no more
    Look good and I make you smile,
    Bet you thought I wouldn't have no style,
    I'm gonna turn your head around,
    Won't know 'til you hit the ground,
    Gonna change the way you feel,
    I'm gonna roll you like a wheel

    High life, I'm a fool for you,
    Low life, I like to break the rules,
    First bite, you know I got a taste for you,
    I'm gonna make you Shine

    Be a switch to say the least,
    My beauty gonna meet your beast,
    Comin' over and shake your tree,
    My body's gonna set you free,
    I know and you know it's true,
    Move over I'm coming through

    It's all over and I got you down,
    Gonna chase you round and round,
    Mess around with the way I feel,
    Gonna offer you a whole new deal,
    Gonna lay it on ya just for kicks,
    Down on ya like a ton of bricks

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