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    Back In The Closet - Chris Crocker (Spoof)


    by Slyth66

    Oh no! Chris Crocker has admitted in this "Mind in the Gutter" parody that he is not gay! What will we do? Please comment, rate, favorite, share, and subscribe - I'll love you forever! This video is not meant to offend Chris Crocker, it is just a take off on his YouTube character, not him as an actual person. Personally, I enjoy his videos and the uniqueness he brings to the YT community. Also, this video should not be seen as an insult to the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual) community. It was all made in good fun. Official MySpace: LYRICS I'm Chris Crocker Forgive me gays (I'm not your type) There's just something I've been hiding That I can't make up any longer You see, the rumors aren't true Maybe I am straight I've been making all these videos I've got you thinking that I was gay I'm about to tell you that it's not that way You never thought that I could love a chick I was lying, don't be crying Michael Buckley I don't know what brought the guys in like Perez Hilton My brain is thinking I am gagging I am so not homo- Crocker's straight as an arrow baby Come and get me CHORUS: I'm headed back in the closet No more playing with each other Think I'm sticking with the women Not a drag queen Just a brother I don't like who I was Made it all up just because YouTube Partner Instant fame But now I'm back in the closet Verse: Chris Crocker likes some boobs Was that in third person? I never even liked Britney Spears I set her up with that paparazzi guy Now I think it's time you say goodbye (Say goodbye) 'Cause Crocker's over for some time Started dating only girls I'm hetero- But lately they are avoiding me 'Cause they think I'm 'Lesbo' I'm the Princess of YouTube so come watch me blink I can even act like a funky Looney Toon.... I'm serious CHORUS I hear you telling me to 'Gimme More' Now I'm a hot, sane, chick-magnet Now hurry ladies before I change my mind No more getting it from behind I'm headed back to the closet, Baby I've got you ...