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    WWF Update on Kane The Undertaker


    by Stinger1981

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    RavensFilm Productions
    I always thought that he was introduced as Kane the Undertaker at the Survivor Series, and all of the home video releases simply edited DiBiase's introduction to be just "The Undertaker." Perhaps this lays the suspicion to rest? They call him Kane in the news segment, but not at all in the PPV footage. And may I add that it is very bizarre to hear everyone call him Kane.
    There's something I don't understand, when he first appeared on Superstars his name was "Kane" Undertaker. But at Survivor Series his name was only Undertaker, and this was after Survivor Series and here they still call him Kane?
    By Unknown..7 years ago
    I guess because they wanted to, it's not like it mattered as Kane wouldn't debut for another 7 years and besides he didn't have this name for very long, so it's not surprising that not many know of it.
    By Stinger19817 years ago
    Why Was He Even Named "Kane" The Undertaker??
    By moli47897 years ago
    wow do we wrestling fans have short attention spans? about 7 years later his brother also named kane arrives
    By Bryanero7 years ago