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    New Years Eve 1999-2000 - 12/31/99 - from NBC - - pt. 1!

    Ray Glasser

    by Ray Glasser

    On Dec. 31, 1999, I did a LOT of taping of New Years Eve, since we were going into the new Millennium. Here is some selected footage from the 10 hours I taped that night from NBC with Tom Brokaw, including some local Cleveland cut-ins from WKYC, Ch. 3. (I began taping at 6 PM EST and ended around 3 AM on 1/1/00.) (Also: the countdown clock in the upper-right corner is from Ch. 3 and is counting down to midnight EST.) It's really a kick to look back and see all the "Y2K" hoopla that was going on!! This is part 1 of 7.