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    Johnny Carson's "Tonight" Show - 10th Anniv., 1972 - pt. 5!!

    Ray Glasser

    by Ray Glasser

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    Here is part 5 of 5 of the 10th anniversary of the Tonight Show, with Johnny Carson, from Oct. of 1972. They built a new set just for this night, which was unique. What was also unique is that all the guests were comedians, except for Gov. Ronald Reagan. You'll see the late Jack Benny, the late Joey Bishop, the late George Burns, and more (including MY MAN, Don Rickles!) Surprisingly good quality, but the audio spikes every once in awhile; it seems this is the only version around of this show, and every copy I've seen has this same audio problem. (And, like everyone else who has this same copy...I have only the first hour of this 90-minute special.)