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    Lars Rohildt -Nordic-bioenergy with danish Minister Hedegård


    by annbouisset

    Nordic BioEnergy’s (NBE) main objective is to produce renewable energy based on biogas production. NBE develops, sells and manufactures technologies and concepts for the production of renewable energy through treatment of agricultural and industrial waste. Combining the energy production with separation technology ensures that the energy is produced on an environmentally friendly basis as energy production and recirculation of both nutrients and purified water take place at the same time. This provides a basis for large-scale energy production on industrial conditions. NBE has a six point business strategy that covers a well-defined project split-up which ensures that future plants will be profitable and that all external conditions are clarified in relation to the conditions for the operation and earnings of the plant.
    Nordic BioEnergy develops, sells and manufactures separation technologies both for separation on farm and in combination with biogas plant. Pre-separation on farm concentrate the nutrients from agricultural waste and provides a 95% utilization of the nitrogen part compared to 65% in the manure. Furthermore gives the pre-separation a reduction in transportation costs when the fiber fraction is supplied to biogas production. Separation after biogas plant also concentrates the nutrients, which hereby can be supplied at field as an optimized fertiliser.

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