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    CLAUS TORBENSEN -Dantherm-with Minister C. Hedegård


    by annbouisset

    Dantherm Power
    Dantherm Power started in 2003 as an R&D project within Dantherm Air Handling A/S. The project focused on developing a power backup solution, based on fuel cell technology, for compact cooling and climate solutions for IT and telecom networks.

    In 2005 we introduced the first power backup units driven by fuel cells, offering a commercially and environmentally viable alternative to diesel generators and battery backup units. Since then Dantherm Power A/S has become an independent subsidiary of Dantherm A/S.

    Dantherm Power is already an international first mover when it comes to commercial application of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. Our fuel cell based power backup solutions are found inside IT and telecom network base stations all over the world.

    We also expect to have a Micro Combined Heat and Power unit based on fuel cells ready for full market introduction in 2012. The size of an ordinary refrigerator, this compact unit will provide all electricity and heat needed in domestic houses and apartment blocks, as well as small scale industries.

    And we will not stop there. Dantherm Power has an ongoing working relationship with research departments at Danish universities and a joint Canadian-Danish research project - the CanDan Fuel Cell Initiative. We are determined to stay at the absolute forefront, ready to introduce a reliable solution whenever and wherever hydrogen and fuel cells prove to be a commercially and environmentally viable alternative to traditional energy supply applications.

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