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    Manfred K. Sørensen from Blacksmith and Minister C.Hedegård


    by annbouisset

    Blacksmith is a small firm with focus on renewable energy. The firm has designed a biomass stoker featuring safety, versatility and good economy.

    If you use a stoker system to heat your house your heating will be CO2 neutral. When CO2 neutral fuel like wood is burnt the amount of CO2 released is exactly the same as the amount captured by the tree during its lifetime. This is good for our climate and the greenhouse effect compared to heating using fossil fuel oil in an oil-fired heating system or heating using electricity from a coal-fired power works.

    A prominent feature of a Blacksmith stoker installation is its versatility. Due to its robust design you are not ’dependent’ on one type of biofuel (wood pellets) but can use a wide variety of other biofuels like wood pellets, pieces of wood, olive seeds, cherry stones and refuse grain.

    Blacksmith’s Stoker furnace is a complete unit with stoker and solid fuel burner together. All parts are screened. The unit can be supplied for installation on either the left or right side of the boiler. The unit is equipped with a variable speed fan to minimise intermittent firing, thus achieving better economy. The system’s output ranges from 5 to 18 kW when firing with wood pellets. The stoker can be fired with wood pellets, olive seeds, grain, fine biofuels and rape/canola pellets. The solid boiler can accommodate pieces of wood up to 50 cm.

    For more information go to: or contact Ann Bouisset