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    Landmark Education TMLP - Operation Amped


    by exeterheavy

    Tom Tapp conceived of this project, which he dubbed "Operation Amped", while taking Landmark Education's Team management and leadership program in California. This video tells the story of this unique program (also featured at that allows amputee veterans to enjoy the fun and thrills of surfing. The idea began when Tapp encountered a naturally born amputee enjoying surfing. It occurred to Tapp that amputee veterans, who have sacrificed so much for their country, should have access to the same kind of fun and enjoyment at the very least.

    Tapp's fundraising efforts to make the first surf camp happen became easier when corporate sponsors came on board with their assitance. The initial surf camp was sponsored by Billabong, Universal Pictures and Chipotle, with Iraq war veterans traveling from all across the United States to take part. The project has continued to grow and flourish, with expert surfers giving advice and support on a variety of different international beaches, including Costa Rica.