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    Brother Love Show with Hulk Hogan & Big Boss Man


    by Stinger1981

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    How's he a jerk? You don't even know the guy.
    By Stinger19817 years ago
    Randy  Ragsdale
    Ah.........Hulk Rules......yeah, he's a jerk. Please, give me a break. There's nothing wrong with a Hulk Hogan match every once in a while, but its the man's lack of principles that bother me
    By Randy Ragsdale7 years ago
    Mullet Mullet
    Something you wouldn't normaly see: Hogan surving the beatdown and chasing those two nasty scandrals outta there. Hulk Rules BROTHER!!!
    By Mullet Mullet7 years ago
    Randy  Ragsdale
    Ah, I took personal satisfaction in watching the Bossman give Hogan his comeuppance.
    By Randy Ragsdale7 years ago