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    por silviablanche

    89 vistas

    Autumn 2008

    Our cities are everyday more similar and their identities are aesthetically less defined, on the other hand their own vibe and rythm is a unique mix of cultures, music and colors difficult to describe with words.
    This last part of Blanche work on city evolution take as object New York and look for a new way to visualize the rythm of this city using skyscrapers and buildings as elements of this dance that move energies and emotions creating this multicultural vibe that redefine the identity of the metropoli. Nowhere city york, first video of the serie Multiplicity, mix buildings with fabrics and colors of Africa generating a
    Dinamic landscape moving following an archetipic rythm.
    The audio of the video is realized by Ether (Mousikelab, Aubergine Rec)