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2 BMW F650 GS: Journizing the Throne of the Gods-Episode 04

vor 9 Jahren2.8K views



Episode 04 - Through the Puszta
Who hasn't dreamt of packing up and just leaving their daily lives behind for a while...
Sherrie, an English language teacher from Canada, and Patrick, an IT consultant from Sindelfingen, Germany, are doing just that. They are escaping their daily routines for three months by embarking on a motorcycle adventure with their two new best friends "Betty" and "Wilma" -- two BMW F650GS travel enduros.
Their destination is Mount Nemrut -- also known as the throne of the gods due to the ancient burial sites and enormous stone statues found at its tipp -- in the south east of Turkey.
Their route will bring these two adventure travellers through Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and most of Turkey, where they will no doubt encounter many exciting new adventures. On the way back they will cross through northern Greece and all of the Balkan states. Have we made you curious about what Patrick and Sherrie latest adventure?
Their stories and pictures can be found on: www.journizer.com/fernweh (Patrick's site - mostly in German) and www.journizer.com/gypsyprincess (Sherrie's site - in English).

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2 BMW F650 GS: Journizing the Throne of the Gods-Episode 04
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