Honky Tonk Man vs. Mr.X

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Honky Tonk Man vs. Mr.X, from Toronto 11/16/86


Obviously Gorilla is not a big fan of Honky's wrestling
By Randy Ragsdale 6 years ago
HTM entering to his later theme is a common occurence on the 24/7 service as I mentioned before.
Hogan comes out to "Real American" in the 1984 shows even though he didn't have it then, that was done because WWE would have to pay Survivor for the use of "Eye of the Tiger".
On a lot of the WCW Nitro/PPV shows that air on 24/7, virtually all the themes are redubbed over for that same reason, such as Hogan's Voodoo child theme with the nWo theme over it. As for the booing, I'm sure the fans were as on TV, HTM had pretty much said he was frustrated with the fans the previous week, but hadn't turned completely yet into a heel.
By Stinger1981 6 years ago
Well, I'll ask my friend, he attended MLG WWF cards when he lived in Toronto and he may have been in the arena for this one. The reason I'm skeptical is because this is a match aired on WWE 24/7 and they can do some mixing, like having HTM enter to his later theme song. Again, yes he was being booed everywhere but they way the audience is reacting seems very odd. If you can find another match where the fans are reacting like this one, I wouldn't be so skeptical. I knew coming in that "The History of the WWE" mentions the cheering/booing but it just seems screwy. Again, maybe the fans were coached in this one.
By Brighat B 6 years ago
I don't see how they were personally, it was 1986, you didn't really need to go to the extent of piping in chants or stuff to get people over. In several towns the Rougeaus weren't cheered all that much either, when they were faces leading to them eventually turning heel.
By Stinger1981 6 years ago
It's possible that the match was scripted with HTM reacting as if he was being booed heavily. If you listen to the cheers and the boos, they all sound canned. I've never seen any match where people boo and then cheer like the flick of a switch. I might be wrong but it just seems that the crowd's reaction might have been pre-recorded from these ears. They did this trick in WCW frequently. Unless the fans were "coached" to do this for posterity. I'd have to ask somebody who attended this card, maybe my friend Peter.
By Brighat B 6 years ago
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