RDV au CAFE N°2 NZZ Blues Band

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NZZ Blues
{{NZZ BLUES un groupe à découvrir ici en France le 9 janvier 2009 au BISTRO de Sainte Savine dans le magazine N°2 du Rendez-Vous au Café sur www.meltinglive.tv }} ....voici en quelques mots...
NZZ Blues
My name is Nicolas Zdankiewicz, also known as NZZ Blues (Guitar & Vocals), and I started to play guitar at 12 years old. I played in many different types of bands: Reggae, Rock, Blues, R&B, Funk, and Jazz. April of 2001, I started singing and playing the Blues and formed the “Walking Blues Band”. Now, with the "NZZ Blues Band," I am traveling all over Europe from stage to stage sharing my music with all the people who come to our shows. I look forward to seeing you somewhere on the road and many thanks to all our fans. Lots of Love to all of you wherever you are.

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Un moment unique avec NZZ Blues au Bistrot à Sainte Savine à côté de Troyes....merci Nico
Par Patrick Melting live TV Il y a 6 ans