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Duck hunting in argentina

hace 9 años28.3K views

Either going deep inside the isolated Santiago del Estero area, full of stories and legends; going across the beautiful Santa Fé River with unique sunsets and sunrises or at beautiful marshes among old carob trees in Corrientes you will experience a great hunt. Same big volume shooting in either three areas but totally different regarding type of hunt, species and habitat.
We take a boat or motorboat to get the ducks. Up to 19 species can be found depending on the region.
Bird guys setting up the blind and hunters getting their guns ready are about to start one of the hunts that create most expectations and where you can show your skills
The day is over and the goal is reached: between 60 and 70 birds per hunter ends up being a good day for the whole group
Choose Argentina for a great hunt, contact us and we guarantee you a successful hunt according to your expectations.