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    Tom Behind

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    SPUDNIK is a sci-fry tale of space exploration by potatoes during the Cold Storage War. The documentary-style video fuses animation, live-action footage, and “archival materials” from the history of the Potatopian spice program.

    Ellen Wetmore, Art Director/Art Department
    Charles Roberts, Cinematographer
    David & Ocean Silver, Composer/Musician
    Roto-Rooter Good Time Christmas Band, Composer/Musician
    Jeff Andree, Sound Personnel
    Jeff Smith, Voice

    UndergroundfilmMaker Festival 2007 DeCordova Museum & Sculpture Park

    Filmmaker Comments
    As a kid, I read and wrote science fiction, designed space ships, and built working model rockets, all with the dodgy craftsmanship expected of a ten-year-old boy. I may be trying to recapture this sincere, creative, rough-edged spirit of my pre-adolescent years through the wanton use of food-based puns and silver spray paint. Or I may just be playing with my food.

    Filmmaker Bio
    Jeff “Jeffu” Warmouth is a Massachusetts-based media artist who has managed to make a career out of playing with his food. His artwork incorporates photography, video, sculpture, and digital media, and often uses jokes and comic twists to subvert logic, language, identity, and culture. Jeff has exhibited at the DeCordova Museum, the Boston Center for the Arts, and Art Interactive in Cambridge, and his award-winning film/video work has screened in festivals internationally. He received his MFA from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and currently heads the Interactive Multimedia program at Fitchburg State College.