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How to Flub a Line Like a Man

9 years ago244 views

If you REALLY want to hear the full version of that atrocity at the end, the link can be found here:

Dairun: Ooh. A Video. Hey everyone! I own a human blooper reel!
Viewer: That sounds stupid.
Dairun: Well, it's NOT!

Not even a real HtPBlaM video here. This is merely an example of the kind of stupid off-camera shenanigans that happen off camera. If you've ever wondered how much effort I put into just the audio of each episode, this should give a good idea. If you're wondering why Marth is at the bottom of the man tier, or why I called Kirby a girl... You'll have to keep waiting.

The following is a blooper reel for Peach's two lines in How to Christmas like a Man. Not all of them are funny and not all of them are bloopers. Some of these are just really weird line deliveries that occurred during our 3 hours of recording.

Who knows. If I've sold out this bad. Maybe there'll be an actually FUNNY blooper special someday down the line with more than two lines involved... NAH!

Anyway, like I said, not a lot to this video. Feel free to skip it. I just felt like posting something for you guys to tide you over while I prepare for class tomorrow. Oh, and I apologize if I haven't been answering PMs recently. I've been a bit busy preparing for some class projects coming up in the next semester.


PS. Oh, and don't listen to the last 30 seconds if you value your ear drums.

Edit: I added some annotations for your amusement and curiosity. I'll be adding some more later when I think of more to say and get some feedback from Kiroth 6.