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    How to Christmas Like a Man


    by DairunCates

    How to Play Brawl Like a Man: Christmas Special

    Ultimately, I pushed through, and the Christmas Special actually is a day early.

    In this very special episode, we find out how the Sages, Marth, and the Apprentice spend their Christmas. Marth explains his insane theory on why he's on the bottom of the Man Tier. Watch me use an insanely tired internet meme. Watch the most insane Santa ever. Find out why Olimar's kinda a Jerk. Find out what Peach wants for Christmas. Meet your first sages. But most of all, find out what Christmas really means... LIKE A MAN!

    Oh, and this time, instead of Brawlgasm, we're ripping off Beserk Abridged (by the very talented hbi2k), because Peach's voice actress just HAD to say the line. I have to admit though. The line works, and she definitely did an "interesting" take on it.

    We prefer to call it an homage, but just in case, go watch hbi2k's videos. They're awesome.

    How to Play Brawl Like a Man is a Machinima/How-to series that teaches players the REAL way to play Brawl and any other video game. It turns out you've all been playing games wrong the whole time. Why play like a Pro with skills when you can play like a MAN? People who ignore this video, aren't worthy of this awesome and potent knowledge.

    If this is your first How to Play Brawl Like a Man Video, it is highly recommended that you watch the first video. Otherwise, you may not understand the true intricacies of the Third Way.

    Warning: The following show contains extreme manliness. Pregnant women and the feint of heart should turn away. Taking this series too seriously may lead to no sense of humor, looking like an idiot, and anal leakage.

    Here Comes Santa Claus
    The Rabbids Christmas Song
    Together We Ride

    Peach- Kiroth 6
    Everyone Else- Dairun Cates