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    How to Play Brawl Like a Man (Episode 3) REMIX


    by DairunCates

    Episode 3: Solimar
    In this video, we learn about playing as Olimar without using Pikmin and the difficulties that may arise when doing so. Learn about The Apprentice's woman troubles. See Olimar's violent side. Watch as The Apprentice breaks into tears. Learn what Achievements can up your Xbox Live Gamerscore when making a video about a Wii game. Will the Apprentice be able to play as Solimar? Will the Marth fans live with no Marth in this episode? Will the Anti-Marth fans live with the lack of jokes at his expense in this episode? Will people notice the Three Minor Screw-ups that were found too late in post-production to fix? Will the next episode come out in the next Millenia?

    Sage Advice this time is from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Because Manliness is defined by the size of your drill.

    How to Play Brawl Like a Man is a Machinima/How-to series that teaches players the REAL way to play Brawl and any other video game. It turns out you've all been playing games wrong the whole time. Why play like a Pro with skills when you can play like a MAN? People who ignore this video, aren't worthy of this awesome and potent knowledge.

    If this is your first How to Play Brawl Like a Man Video, it is highly recommended that you watch the first video. Otherwise, you may not understand the true intricacies of the Third Way.

    Warning: The following show contains extreme manliness. Pregnant women and the feint of heart should turn away. Taking this series too seriously may lead to no sense of humor, looking like an idiot, and anal leakage.

    Stay tuned for Episode 4 wherein the Sage's Apprentice tries to learn the ancient art of blowing yourself up for the sake of increased damage.

    As always. Feel free to send me videos of you playing like a man.

    -Waiting Room Theme (Brawl)
    -Rocket Man
    -Mii Channel Theme (Brawl)
    -Ave Maria
    -Fly Me to The Moon

    (Not so many songs this time. Episode Needed some silent bits.)

    PS. Yes, I DO actually know what Simon is saying.