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    How to Play Brawl Like a Man (Episode 2.5)


    by DairunCates

    Episode 2.5: The Delay and Marth's Lament

    Hey guys! A new episode is up!

    No. It's not Episode 3: Solimar. but I thought I'd give an explanation for the 3 month gap while testing out a few new things (a new mic, tweaked my capture device, my bad voice-acting, etc).

    So, enjoy a short video I threw together in a few hours work and learn wonderful new information about the third way.

    Learn why Marth is REALLY at the bottom of the Man-Tier. Learn that Third Way's Greatest Apprentice sucks at Megaman 9. Learn that Olimar has the most annoying voice ever. Learn the order of your months. Just don't learn how to play Olimar like a man...

    No really. The Episode's coming...