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    by sepot2

    you want free game cards to wow? just send a unused game card to

    You may think "Why do I need a UNused gamecard code?!"
    That's because when generation process is started it needs to connect to the Blizzard's main server when using the algorithm,but the connection can't be established when the gamecard code is already used(it would be like trying to extend your game time with used gamecard code which is impossible,because guys at Blizzard aren't stupid xD)

    Within 24 hours you will receive a reply which contains 2 gamecard codes(your and an unused one).You can repeat this process as many times as you want,but you can't use the same code 2 times(just use the second received code again and again).One more thing:I've been receiving messages like ''It doesn't work and I've sent my code several times'' The problem is that people are too inpatient and use their codes on the Blizzard's site to extend their gametime before they receive a reply,so when generator tries to establish connection to Blizzard's database it can't be established simply because the it says gamecard has already been used.This is because generator server is very busy processing all requests so it can't reply right away(wait 15-20 hours if it still doesn't work send me a message)

    Please do not bother me if you don't believe this actually works.

    I hope you understood everything.
    All best and have happy free playing =)