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    Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) Improves Overall Health

    Jim Mutter

    by Jim Mutter

    239 views One hour of undisturbed relaxation and healing for every organ in your body, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy will give you more energy, more restful sleep and is known to heal many skin disorders, chronic headaches, fatigue, depression and so much more. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has been used around the world for over Fifty years in the prevention and improvement of debilitating conditions and in the enhancement of overall health. In myriad of documented cases HBOT has produced remarkable and miraculous benefits for a wide variety of serious medical conditions. HBOT has also been clinically proven to produce a more efficient immune system, rapid regeneration of cells, and works as a potent anti-aging therapy. Simply stated, significantly increasing the delivery of oxygen to all tissues throughout one’s body results in improved health and vitality. The oxygen you breathe at increased atmospheric pressure allows every fluid in your body, including the fluid in your tissues, blood, lymph fluid and even your cerebrospinal fluid (surrounding your spine and brain) to absorb the life giving gas which dissolves in the same way CO2 dissolves into liquid to make soda. Video Produced by Spore Medical