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    Download and Save YouTube Videos Fast

    Steven De Gracia

    by Steven De Gracia

    879 views Here's some things you can do with Video Piggy: * Download videos from YouTube and put them on your computer. * Convert the videos to AVI, WMV, MPEG, MP4, MOV and 3GP video formats, for easy playback on your computer and DVD player. * Extract the soundtrack from the video to an MP3 file. * Embed the videos in a PowerPoint presentation. * Import the videos to your iPod, Zune, Sony PSP or other portable media player. * Listen to music videos on your MP3 player. * Put the videos on your Cell Phone. It's REAL Simple with video piggy :O) REMEMBER!!! to put at the END of YOUR URL type &fmt=18 for HD viewing on YouTube. Video Piggy your video piggy download videos download video convert video to mp3 how to download video Download and Save YouTube Videos Fast