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    Friday Night Fu (Episode 039)

    Friday Night Fu

    by Friday Night Fu

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    Episode 39
    Original air date: January 2, 2009

    The Movie: Ninja Death II
    1982, dir. Pao Ko
    The second chapter of the Ninja Death trilogy unfolds! When the Demon Ninja is captured by a ruthless toy collector, it’s up to Richard Marx to rescue him. Meanwhile, Frodo and Sam continue their journey to Mordor, Luke is trained by Master Yoda, Neo meets the Architect, John McClane saves Dulles Airport, Ripley faces off against the alien queen, and Michael Corleone knew it was Fredo all along. Casting note: Rachel Dawes is now played by Maggie Gyllenhaal.

    The Fu:
    With most of the Fu Crew sleeping off their New Year hangovers, things got mighty bland around the Ted Sullivan Theater. Bernie offered his own hangover remedies, Jonny Mac wondered about the next ice age, and Laumann had a few ideas for what else we might call the ol' twig and berries. There were some other attemts at comedy, none of them successful. As per usual.