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The concept is that Marissa is moving in with Alex and feels just completely overwhelmed. The new feelings, the scars from her relationship with Ryan and being independent for the first time make her feel scared and worried. She needs Alex to help her just let go and embrace her true feelings.

Also I changed how Alex and Marissa met.. cos there was enough of Ryan in the real OC.. ugh. So in mine Marissa is outside the Baitshop and Alex barges out mistaking her for someone else. When Marissa turns around Alex is slightly embarrassed and shy because well duh Marissa's hot, and she bolts. Marissa watches her go but that brief meeting changes her entire world.


,, hihihi Fantastic, Thanks
By ambesaeeeety 4 years ago
c koi le titre de la chanson svp?super t video,bizou
By labeille13 5 years ago
z'adoore la song =) quelqu'un sey où trouver les episodes de la saison 2 sur le net ?
By Aurélie 7 years ago
Toscania - No thats not normal :S i don't know why its doing that.
By beautiful_faith 7 years ago
euh... tje video she is very cool !!! and beautiful !! kiss !!
By th-ma-raison 7 years ago

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