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il y a 9 ans11.9K views

This is one of 8 recut trailers made for the 26th Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (april 2008), by Sacha Feiner and Maxime Pasque.

These trailers were played as a preliminary program, at the BIFFF before each screening.
The point was, each time, to use ONLY IMAGES FROM THE MOVIE. No effects added, no compositing and so on. Just editing. Adding music and voices is tolerated, but no dubbing.
In three cases, more than one film was mixed, but it was either to serve the pitch (Clockwork Orange & Beethoven, The Birds & Pterodactyles), or just because it was a trilogy (Ringu).

This work was the greatest editing exercise one could ever think of. The Exorcist, especially, was very difficult to make appear... just something else than the Exorcist. Maybe it is not the funniest, but it was the biggest challenge.
It was also the opportunity to point a few annoying trends in film making today, like adding crappy new CGI special efffects to classic movies (see the BIRDS trailer), or making opportunist crappy sequels (see EYES WIDE SHUT 2... sorry Steven, we love you after all).

The best one in our eyes is definitely Titanic... or should I say, Carpathia. Don't hesitate to give your opinion...

Those trailers were very appreciated by the audience (60 000 spectators in 13 days), and we hope you'll like them as much as them. Don't hesitate to embed, forward and comment!

Thanks for reading, and watching

Sacha Feiner

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