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    In Flames - Cover - Reflect The Storm

    Da Schehf !!!

    von Da Schehf !!!

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    Morning people,

    many people asked me to record this song.
    I always refused because it is so hard to play it
    in a clean way.
    But I tried and tried. Took me a long time to get
    the first and second riff sound good.

    Normally there is a synthesizer in this song
    and a quiet Solo melody at the end,
    I didn't put them in.

    I first record the audio of the song,
    then film me playing the guitars and edit them together.

    The Beginning of "Sleepless again" from In Flames, recorded by me.

    Guitar: Epiphone Les Paul Prophecy EX ME
    Strings: D'addario 13-62
    Tuning: Dropped A#
    Bass: Keiper 5 string
    Amp: Randall G3 R150 with Marshall JCM 900 Cab
    Recording with: Neumann TLM103 and Shure SM7 on
    Focusrite Isa 828 Preamp.
    Recording Device: Mackie d8b with optical cards in
    RME 9652 Card in PC.
    Recording Software: Steinberg Cubase 4
    Drums: Toontrack EZDrummer with dfh AddOn
    Camcorder: Sony HDR-SR11
    Video Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro CS4

    See Ya.
    Da Schehf !!!