Dr.Zakir Naik Fraud , Deception Exposed .

Ahmadi Khadim
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Zakir Naik Fraud , Deception Exposed .


dont be jealous Ahmadiyon kadiyanoyonnnn
By Bilalsgd 1980 July
Ahamdiyon Islam will alway alive to the end of this wold.
By Bilalsgd 1980 July
so what is the point of deception By Dr. Zakir Naik, i think you didn't hear the scholars and Dr. Zakir Properly, both are saying same thing, you have to research a little and also i didnt understand whether you are against Islam or Against Zakir Naik, but any way do not try to deceive people brother, the Islamic scriptures are same all around the word, so you better find the scriptures. any comments are welcome.
By ahmad 3 years ago
Muhammad (Peace Be Upon HIm) is the seal of Prophets and is termed as KHatim-un-Nabiyen, also various Ahadiths confirms this, so i dont c a point that zakir naik fraud or deception !!!
By evilmani 3 years ago
Why is only part of Dr Zakir Naik's speech used here? Where is his complete answer to the question? I have heard his answer this same question in various other qn ans sessions and lectures and he is very clear as to what he is saying and it is true as well. This video is put here to say that Dr Zakir Naik is misleading muslims. However, he is one of the best person to look up to if you want to know more about Islam as well as other religions! If you really want the answer to this question and why he is saying what he is saying, do look up for the debate that included Dr William Campbell and Dr Zakir Naik held on 1st April 2000. Dr. Zakir Naik is far from misleading anyone into anything.
By plusminusplusminus 4 years ago
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