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    Do not support Heifer International

    Vegan Future

    by Vegan Future

    Go Vegan Radio host, Bob Linden, interviews animal activist Deniz Bolbol who urges listeners to avoid supporting Heifer International and other charities who use animals as part of hunger relief schemes.

    If you would like to help Deniz with the campaign against Heifer International, you may contact her at

    Thank you to Bob Linden for permission to reproduce extracts from the show. To listen to more Go Vegan Radio shows, or to make a donation, please visit

    When supporting famine-relief charities, always choose ones that avoid exploiting animals. Here are some recommended vegetarian/vegan charities

    Vegfam - Feeding The Hungry Without Exploiting Animals

    HIPPO - Help International Plant Protein Organisation

    Food For Life - Since 1974, FFL has served over 682 million pure vegetarian meals