triple boot Windows "XP" Mac "kaliway" Linux "mandriva".

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This is a video that I took myself with a mobile of my laptop acer extensa 5620Z so please excuse the poor quality. Acer

extensa is delivered normally with the vista OS but I don't like it " it also works with the triple boot no problem ", so here

I demonstrate working with flash CS4 inside XP just a few seconds,Photoshop also works fine except the 3d module with the

openGL thing that don't work.... then I restart my system into Mac Leopard " Kaliway version adapted for X86 processors " you

can see clearly that the 3d effects of the mac are working pretty fine and also the 2008 version of the microsoft office, I

didn't have time to show more cool stuff; just ask me to show you other options and I will lol. I restarted then into Linux OS

" Mandriva 2009 " that is working pretty fine on my laptop except little problem with the video playback inside the compiz-

fusion environnement,otherwise it work pretty fine, I didn't show all the effects possible to realise inside but the only

problem I found is the video playback in 3d envirenment, kaffein media player and others crach whenever I launch a video in

compiz-fusion envireonnement, But everything is just working like charme.

My configuration :

Acer extensa 5620Z " not the top I know but it supports many cool stuff.
Processor : intel Pentium dual-core processor T2390 " 1.86 GHz, 533 MHz, 1 MB L2 cache "

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^o^ Hu!Tres bien;
Par bigitfreyde il y a 4 ans
suuperbee, merci . j'ai trouvé un site pour voir des femmes en directe devant leurs Webcam : , même pas besoin de s'enregistrer! <3 !!
Par Tanja Berron il y a 4 ans

If you understand franch , I wrote an article about how to make a triple boot " windows Linux and mac " on an X86 system here :

All you'll need is " the Acronis os selector " to handle the boot issues and kaliway version of the MAC leopard and any linux

distribution, thanks again.By the way, the music in background is the microsoft title I like it.

Tags : Acer extensa 5620Z , triple multi boot, windows X, linux mandriva 2009, MAC leopard Kaliway, flash CS4. Medmatiq. acrnis

os selector.WXGA crystalBrite LCD. T290 processor.X3100, Prince of persia 2008, NFS undercover.Microsoft title music.

Par BenBrahim Mohammed il y a 5 ans

15.4 WXGA acer crystalBrite LCD , really cool screen.
Up to 252 MB Mobile intel Graphics Media accelerator X3100, supports the shading 3 technologies but craches whenever I want to

play Prince of persia 2008 so don't rely on it to play thise game, but the others version of the game work very well, NFS

undercover works fine with the lowest resolution and qualitylol.
I got this latop within the Nafida offer at about 400 box.4000 dh.
just wanted to share my experience acrosse the web. Thank you all.
Par BenBrahim Mohammed il y a 5 ans