Chu King Hung Taiji is not Yang Sau Chung' s as he claims it

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Yang Sau cheung had two true disciples:
Ip Tai Tak who staid 29 years with Yang Sau Chung and Ginsoon Chu (Boston) who worked about 4 years with YSC.
Chu King Hung has never been accepted as a true disciple by the Yang's. He was still in probation when YSC died in 1985, after at most 4 months of teaching with YSC (Chu King Hung claims that he staid 26 years close to Yang Sau Chung!!!!!). But he was authorized to only use the "title" of disciple after the death of Yang Sau Cheung.
There is not any photo of Chu King Hung with Yang Sau Chung. Not even the photo of disciple with YSC, as it is the rule for true disciples.
All about Chu King Hung's lies is on the website "L'Espace du Tai Chi Chuan de Paris et Grenoble" (find it with Google). Analysis, proofs. Look at FAQ n°47.

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